Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Hands-On Video Leaked Online

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Hands-On Video Leaked Online

Samsung is all set to launch its next generation Galaxy Z Flip foldable display smartphone along with the Galaxy S20 series smartphones on February 11. Ahead of the launch event, a flurry of reports and leaks have detailed everything from design to specs of the upcoming smartphone. Now, a new leaked video brings all those reports together to give us a glimpse of how the Galaxy Z Flip would look and work.

The leaked video, which comes as a courtesy of tipster Ben Geskin, shows the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip in action. It also confirms some of features like a small LED display on the back panel showing date and time, a dual rear camera setup, a centre mounted front facing camera, protective covering securing the display’s edges and speaker grille at the bottom. The video also shows the upcoming smartphone in a shiny purple colour variant — something that a number of reports in the past have detailed. Additionally, the video also shows how the Galaxy Z Flip will fold and unfold.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – First Hands On Video

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What the leaked video doesn’t confirm is if the company’s upcoming foldable display smartphone will use the ultra thin glass that reports in the past have hinted the phone to get in the past. The video also doesn’t reveal if the phone has a 3.5mm jack (though reports suggest otherwise) and a USB Type-C port. Additionally, features like the fingerprint sensor and the placement of volume and power button also cannot be spotted in the video, leaving plenty of room for mystery.

But what we can make out from the video is that the phone, unlike the Galaxy Fold, should slip in your pocket with ease. The tipster hasn’t shared the source of the video and so it is difficult to confirm anything yet. However, the leaked video is in line with the older leaks and hence seems convincing enough. We will know the details when the phone launches later this month.

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